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Tegs l 21 l 5th y. vet. med

A conglomeration of doodles, refs, music, medical, veterinary and animal posts, with occasional ramblings and rp posts on the side.

The minions:
1,0 Arizona Mnt Kingsnake - Gonzo
0,1 Western Hognose - Dura
0,1 Nu Anna Leachie - Sansa
1,0 Prehensile tailed gecko - Java
1,0 Freckled Monitor - Louis
0,0,1 Saharan Uromastyx - Bean
0,0,1 Amazon Tree Boa - Izma
1,0 Indian Ringneck Parakeet - Aada

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When I cannot remember something that I knew as a 1st year




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If you pull me on your lap there is a 101% chance I’m going to make out with you.

i would advise you to avoid santa

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people (and bethesda, jesus christ) tend to forget that according to the lore, there are multiple types of Khajiiti. We only typically see the Suthay-Rhats, but Khajit can be born with multiple levels of feline appearance dependent on the moon cycle they are born under. On one end of the spectrum you have some Khajiit who look practically like Bosmer with cat whiskers, and on the other end you have Khajiit who legit just look like housecats but still have sentience and intelligence. For instance, this would be considered to be a perfectly normal Khajiit family in Elsweyr.

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Lake Bled, Slovenia
Janez Tolar

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Proteus - Rodolphe Guenoden

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Firetail Friesians, their tail and mane color are caused by sun bleaching. 

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So now that I’m done with the main part of my master thesis I can finally make art again, horray!

This guy is part of the character friendship challenge I did with sskelaton and tumblingteguru. The theme was Dragon Age and because I adore pointy eared folk the result in my case was of course a Dalish elf.

His name is Iltys and he’s a cocky and impudent mercenary who just loves to start a fight, even though it bites him into the ass often enough.

(Man, I really want to play Dragon Age again)


Caprice will hire u to take u on magical adventures Iltys. And she will pay you in not-stabbing-you-in-the-back-or-throwing-you-to-a-dragon. That’s good payment, dont you think? :B

Character creation challenge #4 this time as a threeway between bavarii, sskelaton and myself. ;B

So here is Caprice, my rogue elf chica for the Dragon Age theme we had. She loves going on suicidal expeditions magical adventures with people she bribed/threatened/tricked into coming along her friends. Especially those that involve finding shiny things like gold and lyrium crystals. uvu

So I am super late but I finally got around to making a twitter.

Dunno how much I’ll be using it, but yes. It’s there and I might occasionally post some more of my doodles than I post on tumblargh.

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