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Tegs l 21 l 5th y. vet. med

A conglomeration of doodles, refs, music, medical, veterinary and animal posts, with occasional ramblings and rp posts on the side.

The minions:
1,0 Arizona Mnt Kingsnake - Gonzo
0,1 Western Hognose - Dura
0,1 Nu Anna Leachie - Sansa
1,0 Prehensile tailed gecko - Java
1,0 Freckled Monitor - Louis
0,0,1 Saharan Uromastyx - Bean
0,0,1 Amazon Tree Boa -
1,0 Indian Ringneck Parakeet - Aada

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Drawing some cuties to get back into the swing of art and such. uvu

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